2023 4th International Conference on Information Science and Education(ICISE-IE 2023)


Lingnan Normal University, China


Address: 29 Cunjin Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang, Guangdong

Lingnan Normal University (formerly Zhanjiang Normal University) is a regular undergraduate college in Guangdong Province with a history of one hundred years of Teacher education. It is located in Zhanjiang, a beautiful port city at the southernmost end of Chinese Mainland. The predecessor of the school is Leiyang Middle School. The Normal School was established in 1904. In 1935, the Guangdong Provincial Normal school was established. In 1978, it was renamed Leizhou Normal College, in 1991, it was upgraded to Zhanjiang Normal College, and in 2014, it was renamed Lingnan Normal University.

Has a long history and has won numerous awards. In the course of more than 100 years of Teacher education, the school has shouldered the mission of promoting education and educating people, adhered to the school running orientation of "teacher training, teaching, local, and application", formed the school running idea of "strengthening normal education, enriching science and engineering, and promoting business", cultivated a large number of outstanding teachers, educators, and social application talents, and made due contributions to the educational and cultural undertakings and economic and social development of western Guangdong and even Guangdong Province. In 2000, the school was the first normal university in China to pass the qualification evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, it obtained an excellent level in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, it was listed as the authorized construction unit for a new master's degree in Guangdong Province. In 2016, it was included in the first batch of ordinary undergraduate transformation pilot universities, provincial and municipal co construction universities, and Guangdong Province's demonstration university for innovation and entrepreneurship education, In 2017, he was elected as the chairman unit of the Guangdong Special Education Teacher Development Alliance. In 2018, he was included in the Guangdong Province Higher Education "Striving for First Class, Remedying Shortcomings, and Strengthening Characteristics" Improvement Plan to build a university. In 2023, he initiated the establishment of the National Island Education Development and Rural Revitalization Alliance. In 2023, he became a supporting unit of the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Southern Ocean Science and Engineering (Zhanjiang).The school has successively won the honorary titles of "exemplary organization of National Spiritual Civilization Construction", "exemplary organization of National Mass Sports Work", "National Advanced Collective of Greening", "National Advanced Collective of Internal Audit", "Model School of School Governance by Law of the Ministry of Education", "Model School of College English Teaching Reform of the Ministry of Education", "exemplary organization of Teacher Ethics Construction in Guangdong Province" and "Civilized Campus in Guangdong Province".