2023 4th International Conference on Information Science and Education(ICISE-IE 2023)


The 4th IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Education (ICISE-IE 2023) was held in Zhanjiang, China from December 15 to 17, 2023.


"This academic annual conference is an academic feast, providing a platform for experts and scholars to exchange and share achievements together. Lingnan Normal University is deeply honored to serve as the organizer." Lan Yanze, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lingnan Normal University, stated in her speech that as a provincial university rooted in the coastal city of Zhanjiang, Lingnan Normal University implements the strategic requirements of serving the construction of a maritime and educational power.


Lan Yanze, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lingnan Normal University


Speech by Dai Binrong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Yancheng Normal University


Speech by Yuan Xinzhong, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Zhanjiang City

卢东祥研究员讲话 (1).JPG许抄军教授讲话.JPG罗铭教授讲话 (1).JPG陈扬乐讲话.JPG许抄军教授讲话.JPG

Keynote speech of

Prof. Ming Luo, School of Software, Nanchang University, China

Prof. Chaojun Xu, Lingnan Normal University, China

Prof. Yangle Chen, School of Tourism, Hainan University, China

RSR Dongxiang Lv, Yancheng Teachers University, China

王和勇教授发言 (2).JPG张宏远副教授正在讲话.JPG


Invited speech of

Prof. Heyong Wang, South China University of Technology, China

A. Prof. Yunzhi Jiang, Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, China

A. Prof. Hongyuan Zhang, Jiangsu Ocean University, China